The BRANCH — Zechariah 6.

The most important aspect in the study of the Bible is Jesus Christ. The setting is around the Hebraic people, later the Jews, the nations which defeated them, the kings and prophets, sanctuary service and feasts — all, in their awkwardness point to Jesus. Jesus is the focal point from Eden and will be the focal point in the new heaven and earth.  Instead of a vision, God sends a word to Zechariah regarding a crown and temple. Exiles from Babylon will come carrying silver and gold. He shall take those gifts and make an elaborate crown, then go to the house of Joshua the high priest and crowns him.

This was a prophetic act which was pointing to the role of the Branch, who is yet to come. Since the establishment of the royal office in Israel there were three centres of power: prophetic office, priesthood and monarchy. The prophets, remained a specific office in which throughout time to this day, God reserves the right to call for Himself a prophet. And prophets come from anywhere, no specific family or bloodline — it is no wonder the prophets who wrote the Old Testament were from very different backgrounds, but spoke the same message through the ages.

The Royal bloodline was established through David (2 Samuel 7:16), a descendant of Judah, the second King of Israel after Saul who came from Benjamin, but lost the privilege due to his disobedience (1 Samuel 13:13). Note that when the patriarch, Jacob, was blessing his sons; Judah was charged with the royal mandate in which Shiloh was to come. It was not by any means a proponent of earthly kingship, hence when the Israelites demanded a King (1 Samuel 8:4-8), it was a clear rejection of God. Despite that, God still used what man had made to accomplish a divine mandate.

The priesthood was established during the exodus and Aaron, was the first high priest coming from the tribe of Levi (Exodus 28:1-4, 43; 29:9). The Levites were tasked with sanctuary services and no one outside the tribe was supposed to minister in the sanctuary. No one was allowed to even touch the articles of the sanctuary. It is evident with Uzzah when he presumptuously touched the ark of the testimony and was killed instantly.

The prophets and priests worked well together, there was hardly any strife among the two offices as God was in charge of these two offices. When the Kings arrived, there was now a clear distinction between the priesthood and royalty. The Kings, no matter how righteous they may be, were never to officiate in the sanctuary. But throughout the Old Testament there was a great allusion to a unification of the priesthood and monarchy into one. Abraham after returning from the slaughter of the five kings, he met a King and High Priest of Salem (Genesis 14:18-24), Melchizedek whom he gave 10% of the war spoils. We don’t know much about Melchidezek, his lineage, beginning nor his ending, he is rather compared to God — who similarly has no beginning and ending. It is a sensible suggestion to say that Melchidezek was indeed Jesus. And when the Psalmist refers to Christ (Psalms 110:4), He describes Him as one in the order of Melchidezek; his mission, office and immortality.

By Levitical laws, it would be impossible for a King to be a priest. These offices could not be united by earthly laws, whereas there were prophets who were priests. No human would do this. Hence the significance of the prophecy is even more precious. It speaks to the divine nature of the BRANCH, who has no beginning or end. From everlasting to everlasting. He is incorruptible and indestructible (Hebrews 7). He will go war against sin and its originator and will defeat them, thus making Him a King. He will minister, by virtue of his precious blood, in the heavenly sanctuary for the rest of humanity as a High Priest. And there will be no conflict of interest in how He will execute His office because it is for the redemption of humankind.

The BRANCH, Jesus, was to reconcile man and God. The unification of all offices are done so it would be easier for man to reach God without elaborate efforts and schemes. Christ came to break the barriers so we can be closer to God than ever before. His mission, the BRANCH, is to build God’s temple — the church that no human hands can corrupt. Through time we have seen man try to dilute what the mission of the church of Jesus, but because it was not built by them, they have failed to corrupt. Also, through Christ, wanted to build temples in us. A dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. In the last days, God seeks a better and effective relationship with His people. He has made every effort possible to come closer to man. We have no excuse to be lost. All we have to do is turn our hearts and minds to God.

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